How can I help?

Hello, I am not a developer, but what I am good at is marketing and promotion. Oh, and losing bitcoins. I’ve given out over 100 of them in my life. Ouch!!

I would like to know how can I help. Are there any other like minded people that maybe want to brainstorm. Can someone add me to the official telegram group. My user name = TheGreyHat

Anyways I run a blog talking about cryptocurrency and I just made a new post on the reasons, not to panic and buy more REDDCOIN if you can. It is located below if you want to read:

Learn the reasons why I bought more Reddcoin and why you shouldn’t panic

Hey there, likewise I am a Facebook Marketing Specialist and own extensive Facebook platforms that would be great for getting the message out.
Two questions though :
1 - What is the benefit of this to me ?
2 - I set up a wallet, why should I transfer my Reddcoins over to it, apart from safety is there any other direct benefit to me ?
Thanks & look forward to a reply :slight_smile:

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Facebookshaker Via the use of reddcoin, especially with the going-to-be-released Redd-ID and tipping platform, a money flow across sites can be easily constructed and such an activity is not controlled by any government body and is not subject to be taxed (at least for now). Moreover, no middle man collects fees.

If your business needs such a thing, reddcoin can benefit you a lot.

Can any other coins do it? Technically, yes, of course, but infrastructures are required. Reddcoin dev team has almost done everything for this to happen. If other coins would like to have the same functionality, they need time to catch up.

Transferring coins to your own wallet running on your own computers enables you to do staking. Then, you will enjoy annual 5% rate. (Much better than save cash in a bank account.)

Damn I feel bad for you. You are offering your help but the team doesn’t answer you. Damn :frowning:

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I could use some help, I just purchased Some reddcoin and downloaded their desktop app. It looks pretty old school. It says the wallet is not synced and is backlogged 3 years and 24 weeks. I transferred coin to the wallet but I don’t see how I’m going to receive it. Can anyone help?

donatedbitcoins hi Im really trying to bring Reddcoin into the public eye… I have a few Reddheads interested in the idea but I think a lot of people think its just spam.

I have marketing and design background and Im trying to get like minded people together to wake this sleeping giant.

I’ve even chucked 500RDD in to start off the pool… Not much response.

Jonbenjamin06 you can download it from here best way of updating. its quite big.

Hi Jonbenjamin06 take a look here: … ball0r will be more than happy to help you out…

Don’t forget to throw him a tip when your up and running.

I’m new to ReddCoin, but I love the idea behind the technology. As soon as I understood what it was I started thinking of all the YouTubers that have suffered because of “Adpocalypse.” Many of them are good people but they have content that YT deems inappropriate. One example are the VetRanch, OfftheRanch, DemolitionRanch channels that are all run by Matt Carriker (sp?) He has had many of his videos on VetRanch demonetized because he occasional shows close ups of surgeries on animals. It’s supposed to be a learning channel for Veterinarians and he gets screwed out of well deserved monetary rewards because YouTube is sensitive. There are many channels similar that are losing profits because of this. Some of them have Patreon accounts but I’m sure those are riddled with fees. If you (we) could convince some of these guys with millions of subscribers to join the team, that would help spread the word throughout the YouTube community.


I like your thinking! I think for something like this to work, as a community, something needs to be launched that gets content creators on YouTube into Reddcoin… For this to happen, it probably wouldn’t work to target some of the largest YouTubers, but if we aim to target people with 5-10k subs first? Then if we can get a few of those on board, gradually work up and encourage more and more people to get involved. If you think you know any YouTubers who would be willing to get involved, feel free to send them my beginners’ guide to Reddcoin!

Good call CaffSloth. It makes sense to try to reach some smaller channels first to test the market. If those take off, the bigger channels will take notice. I’m going to send your guide to a few smaller (1k to 10k subs) guys that I watch on a regular basis. They are mostly gun/gear/camping/fishing type of review channels, but to be honest, those are the type of people that might be interested in circumventing the traditional means of gaining revenue on YouTube. If I get any responses, I will post them here.

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Amazing! Thank you stayfrosty ! If they take to it positively and show an interest in Reddcoin, could you try and persuade them to make a video on it? Or to just share the guide to more people to get Reddcoin out there even more? Let me know what happens! Thanks again for getting involved and helping! :slight_smile: