How high can reddcoin go? $1...$10...$100...?


How high can rdd get? I know there are a bunch of nay sayers about rdd getting much more than $1 per coin value because of the high circulating supply. but what if rdd dev burned 10 billion of those coins. essentially raising the price. could it be possible that we see $100 in 10 years? I have high faith in this coin as the popularity of rdd is growing every day. what happens when the masses adopt this coin? what happens when its in transaction every single day on FB, YouTube, Twitter…etc. With the popularity increasing what should we expect in the long run. I’m excited for the future. #REdDHEADS


100$ is an overestimation.
I’d say let’s go to 1$ and we’ll see after.
All cryptos currently depend mostly on bitcoin price.


Yah I agree. Bitcoin after all is the number #1 factor. but there is a lot of talk about bitcoin reaching 100k in the near future. I think $100 dollars maybe a “dream” as of right now. but you gotta understand crypto currency is still a new concept to all of society, I kinda got a feeling that as the world realizes that block chain technology and cryptocurrency as the way of the future. I think there is a high possibility that, this number could become very realistic, as long as the dev team works their ass off and pulls through with amazing tech. I think masses will adopt. in turn raising the demand. making the value moonshot. just thinking out loud.


Theoretically, if the bitcoin price increases to 1 million dollars, and RDD gets the wide adoption it deserves and increases to 10k satoshi - there you go.


Как думаете, когда будет 1 $ ?


yavlad When the next bitcoin bullish wave happens. Maybe later this year. Maybe next year.


After reading and watching many reviews about Reddcoin both from positives and the naysayers, I have come to a simple conclusion: purchase what is right for you and keep pushing the brand. Don’t expect Redds to sky rocket overnight as any development process takes time. I base my investment on a period of 5 - 10 years for a respectable return. If this happens fantastic…if not, so be it!