How to embed 3rd-party content in your posts

  • Reddit: /r/subreddit will be turned into hyperlinks.
  • Soundcloud: Just drop the link to your Soundcloud artist/song’s page.
  • Spotify: Follow the instructions here to embed songs, albums, playlists.
  • TED: Just drop the link to your Ted’s conference page.
  • Twitch: Just drop the link to your Twitch streamer’s page.
  • Twtter: all tweet URLs
  • Vimeo: Just drop the direct links to your Vimeo videos (not channels).
  • XKCD: Turns a short code (xkcd#abcd) into an xkcd image (with link to comic) in posts.
  • Youtube: all Youtube URLs
  • Audio files: Just put audio file URLs inside [audio] tags.
  • Charts: Follow the instructions here
  • Polls: Follow the instructions here

Nice to know!

Just like this! We have a good spot to work thanks!


We should have expected that there are so many social networks implemented into the official forum of THE SOCIAL CURRENCY… but, I’m honestly impressed! I have already said it but I say it again: Nice work guys!


Oh the twitch stream integration is very nice. And a place for tweets! This has it all.

Just testing it all to see exactly what happens.


^ Can I get some help with using vimeo?

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DiddyMoe use video URLs

I noticed that all of the videos get cut off in mobile portrait view. At least they are on my Galaxy s4. Anyway here’s a link that discusses fluid width video. I hope it might be helpful in fixing up responsive video sizing.

The new forums are amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work!!

laudney Thank you sir.