i lost my coins

i have big problem
i downloaded offline wallet and sent my rdd to my offline wallet but after i send them i downloaded 2.7 gb google drive file for sync fast…but after i downloaded and copy them to right directory i can not open my wallet again…always there is problem report on my mac…

then i uninstall and re install my wallet again but i can not find my old adress in wallet and because of this i cant take my reddcoins to my wallet

please help me !!!

Your client is finished syncing?

Can you send a screenshot or picture of what you have of the wallet program? If it’s still syncing, they won’t show up until it’s completely synced.

i must tell step by step

1.i installed reddcoin wallet
2.i send my coins to my wallet adress(start transaction)
3.i updated my files for speed sync
4.my wallet cant be open and given an bug report on my mac
5. i uninstalled my wallet and reinstall again
6.i cant see my old wallet address and cant see my coins on my wallet

when i check the transcastion link transaction confirmed but now i cant find them


what can i do for take back my coins???

You must use your backup file from the previous wallet I hope you have it. Then wait till your wallet will be successfully synced.