I want to create a Facebook-like site for Reddcoin...

Hi…this message is to the powers that be at Reddcoin.

I enjoy creating community sites using Joomla, a content management system (similar to Wordpress). The sites look just like Facebook. For the most part, they function like Facebook.

After looking over the Reddcoin ecosystem, I think this is what Reddcoin needs to make further progress. Just to show you how much I believe in this idea, I’d like to do this myself and be paid in Reddcoin.

As for me, I’m a PhD in clinical psychology working as a psychotherapist. I enjoy that, but programming is my hobby.

I would create the site, and then the Reddcoin dev team would be responsible for integrating Reddcoin into it. I’d host the site until it outgrows my hosting.


Roger Davis

Also, having such a website would considerably ease your way onto exchanges.


I can do this, guys. I’d absolutely love to do this.