I want to get involved.


Dear Devs

I am very much convinced of the huge potential of ReddCoin. I am a 24/7 Staker to support the network for quite some time now.

Now I want to take a step further and get involved more closely in the process of advertising ReddCoin.

My idea is to try to contact some well known characters in the digital world to educate them about ReddCoin and try to get them to use ReddCoin and ReddID. For this I would like to be closer to the development process to have the most accurate information possible.

I believe that the popularity of ReddCoin can be best enhanced by some “digital celebrities” using it. Imagine people like PewDiePie making a quick video about accepting tips via RDD. Also, I think that these people see the benefit for themselves very easily.

I wanted to know, whether you, developers, are interested in me joining your team?

Feel free to contact me, I can provide you with additional information.



TheSaltyJ Why don’t you start spreading the word by contacting that well known characters? Even if you wouldn’t join the dev team you would just have to make sure you hodl enough yourself.


Go get 'em Sammy!


TheSaltyJ don’t forget to add some pepper Sam


I want to get involved in the web dev and marketing team, I’ll join the slack asap.


Hello everybody. I also want to help in distributing project information.
As I am from Ukraine, I would be very grateful for the promotional materials at least in Russian or Ukrainian.
in us in eastern Europe, coin are gaining great popularity, so there are great chances to popularize Reddcoin


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