incorrect passphare after system crash

I was staking my redd in couple months on my ubuntu - linux machine. one week ago, my machine had problem with hard drive, I rebooted it and started the ReddCoin app and enter the passphare to staking but it message incorrect passphare. I tried with my backup wallet.dat but it still message incorrect passphare. I installed with other Mac machine and sync with network and copy back wallet.dat that I was backup but it’s still the same, incorrect passphare. I am sure the passphare that I entered is correct.

Do anyone have the same problem with me? How can I solve this problem.


Hardware problems can cause file corruption.
This could be the reason why your original wallet.dat doesn’t work anymore.
But the backup should be fine as long as it was stored on another device.

Please make sure you are using the same keyboard layout as before and try it again.