Investor, Investing, Purchasing [X-Post from Reddit]

I’ve heard these terms thrown around so much it’s begun to make me sick. If you are an investor (i.e. someone who wants to invest in the idea of reddcoin), please donate to the several donation wallets. That’s an investment. You are investing in the future of reddcoin. When you purchase reddcoin, you are not automatically an “investor”. I don’t buy a steak at a restaurant and then assume I own some part of that restaurant. I don’t put gas in my car and think that now I’m part of the oil cartel. I don’t buy a car from a dealership and think that I get to start calling shots at the manufacturing facilities.
This is the same thing. You could argue the fact that “I have the potential to make money because it’s value goes up or down.” Well, buy a gallon of gas today and the price of it might go up or down tomorrow. If you want to invest, purchase some RDD, send a little to the devs, stake, and try to be a positive voice in the community.
Now, I hear you saying “Well, I’ve ‘Invested’ in Reddcoin” by having purchased some, or donated. And “When is Redd-ID coming?!” You have a right to answers, the devs have a right to create a finished product before serving it. Who buys a 1/2 finished car? Or 3 tires for it instead of 4? Or oil for their gas tank because they couldn’t wait for it to be REFINED into gasoline? Instead of investing your frustration and asking the same questions that have been repeatedly answered by countless individuals all over this website and others, do a tiny little bit of research and try to contribute in a meaningful way.

bmp02050 Best of luck ReddCoin dev team for all the hard work. I hope, we all succeed in our mission and take it to the new heights.

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