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Hello everyone,

I got great business contacts all over the world. Some include some direct partners in the high exchange fashion industry, Alibaba / Aliexpress partners and many Industrial companies who provide environmentally friendly products and services. I think that Reddcoin is very suitable to partner up with some of these companies. I would like to get in touch with a few people that have ideas or previously established projects within the Reddcommunity. I propose to work on a network together that stands out allowing these big corporate companies to partner up for their own interest. Looking forward to hear from other users.

Do you have a business foundation or power to help reddcoin grow?
Reddcoin’s developer is too little Twitter activity.
Because information exchange is not active, many people think that this coin will disappear.
The most important thing for reddcoin investors is to verify that this project is headed in the right direction.
Korean investors are very active in investing in virtual money.
If you can attack them, reddcoin will help you grow.

Dear Neoniki3,

I come from a business family. We are involved around the entire world with our environmentally friendly products and services. We also have a lot of side businesses in the Netherlands locally. I am involved in my family business so yes I can help the coin grow. We developed the Reddcoin social network to get the community together first. We plan to get in features allowing the Reddcoin community to sell products and services within its network with its currency.

There was enough reply.
Thank you.


I would say try getting as much information regarding the reddcoin or how cryptocurrencies work on the network is essential. Making the Reddcoin community stand out of other communities means also that we share valuable knowledge with each other. This is the URL to the reddcoin community which will include many interesting files where users and new investors can learn and follow up in a short amount of time!

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