Is reddcoin still viable?

I still get tempted to buy back into reddcoin again, the old roadmap was good and i still see spikes of creativity from the community, the problem I have with reddcoin now is the 80% of the all reddcoin is held by around 400 people. Now I don’t see how a coin that doesn’t have a good distribution between users can ever be a viable coin.

What are your thoughts?

BrownSlaughter That’s a great metric - total number of holders of 80% of reddcoin. Maybe we should adopt that as one measure of success in reinvigorating reddcoin. It would be great to see this stat graphed. So (1) where can we get the data point and (2) is anyone out there game to sample this into a time series charting tool like RRDtool. I like that because it’s kinda a geek anagram - not quite but you get what I mean :slight_smile:

Viable - absolutely yes. Biggest problem is the low price hard wiring in a 20% buy/sell spread. Biggest opportunity is the community that still shares the social vision and in particular decentralized tipping. Things are definitely starting to bubble …