Is the community up for a challenge?

On the back of my last post here
As we are all aware, it would appear that development has been slowly grinding to what seems to be a halt.
Personally, i am not interested in any of the rumours, or fudding about IPO’s, companies, running off with money, blah, blah
That has been beaten to death too many times and it doesnt solve anything

So that said, apart from the new features that were expected and everyone has been holding out for (Social-x, ReddID) what does the community want, or where do you see the future not just Redd, but crypto in general.
Sure, we can all say, screw it, lets move on this is a dead project. That would be the easy way out and we all cut our losses
Or, we can take what has been given, and move in a positive direction.

I for one, am taking the positive outlook,
I would like to explore some of the cool stuff i have come across in recent months. And I want to use Redd as the medium.
I believe, tipping has its place,
Many have done something already with tipbots, etc
I am in the process of writing up a design document what I would like to achieve in a very different method.
Will i succeed, who knows?
But i have a better opportunity doing it here

The blockchain is a shared resource, we are all responsible for maintaining it and we have the capability to build whatever we want.
That is the cool thing about BC technology and it is open

There are a bunch of you who have a great talent, and built some cool apps and utilities in the short life of Reddcoin

My question to you is,
“Are you up for a real challenge??”

Yes absolutely. We have a pristine cryptocurrency still in it’s infancy but with quite a decent infrastructure. I stand with you and will up the ante on my contributions.

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I wish I had the time and technical skill to devote to Reddcoin as it is I am forced to use it and grow the brand 1 person at a time. Teach the people I can reach about it. I am here. I will do what I can.

I have been agitating for precisely this spirit to emerge from the wider Reddcoin community. You can count on my support and even input if I’m able to contribute my somewhat stone age technical prowess :wink:

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Development may have been slow, but I’m of the thinking that progress should be slow and steady (to win the race). Get one thing implemented and flawless before adding on the next feature. There are a lot of innovations planned and many that can be adopted from other coins, but it shouldn’t turn into a kludged together “Frankencoin”.

I suggest choosing the most exciting innovation that no one else yet has and work to implement that first. Once that’s in play, get the tipbots implemented in as many places as possible (FB, G+, etc.) to get the word out further.

Then begin work on other implementations. That’s just my 2 cents.

I’m with you Gnasher. I hope that Social X will be implemented in due time, but there is much that we can accomplish right now. And there are a lot of talented people here who can step up and answer the call.

I don’t have a ton of technical expertise but everyone can contribute in their own way. I’m going to hold some more giveaways and try to learn a little programming. I have plans for something that will make it easier for people to get their first Reddcoins if I’m able to pull it off.

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I like giveaways, but… Giveaways are always crowded with crypto veterans who are just there to pick up a few (quickly converted) satoshi. If (and I have been trying to answer this question for some time) you can find a way to get Reddcoin into the hands of FIRST TIME users of crypto then you’d have a worth while giveaway. Otherwise, save your coin. … Pro sports teams know that if you can get a young person to be a fan of your team, they will be a fan for life (there are good studies on this)… That’s what I’d like to see: first time users of ANY crypto using Redd. It’s the perfect coin for this for all the reasons you already know (ease of use, speed, interest, environment, etc.). In short, can anyone come up with a sure fire plan to put Redd in the hands of first time users? School classes, clubs, social friends, groups, whatever… I’d love to hear a good and original idea. That’s a cause I would donate to.