Is there a Reddcoin staking pool out there?

I just wondered whether there is a staking pool for RDD? I am already using pools for several coins. Staking together is much more efficient.
So would be nice to get any feedback from you guys.


Your Wallet

It may be more “efficient”, but you’re giving part of your money away with pool fees. I’ve never used one though. But there’s no way you’re going to stake the same and still get 100% rewards. Best to just use your RDD wallet on your pc.

Yes, but with a pool I could turn my PC off :slight_smile: And these costs I would safe. The fees are much smaller.

Maybe so, but it all depends on the amount of RDD you have to be able to pool… You’d only profit in terms of saving on electricity costs if you had probably 100,000+ RDD staking…