It's all about being user-friendly

I am not a technical person at all, so forgive my stupidity.
But I just checked the whole “tipping/donating” FAQ, and was literally blown away by how difficult it was to set this up for someone like me. IMHO this is the core business for the whole coin. So how do you expect any succes when people don’t know how to use it?
It should be easy nowadays to create a plug-in for social media which is connected to your RDD wallet (or smaller co-wallet) and makes it easy to donate to another user by email. If the other person is not registered as a receiver, the plug-in can create a wallet for the receiver, and inform him/her about the donation.
The same thing applies to the social media networks. Create a donation app that allows to send donations to social media contacts. Make it as user-friendly as you can. Only then you can be successful.

Just my 0.02c