It's From India

Thanks to Kraatus and Redshift

I am soon going to sell some images in exchange of ReddCoin anyone who is interested please leave me a PM and you get a 10% off on first album.

First Photo

Buy it for just 20,000 RDD at

AkshatBahety Post this in Reddit as well…I use this website for conversioncoinmill

AkshatBahety what part of India are you from?

Glad to see some grass roots community involvement, we need more of this :smiley:

Good luck! I hope you find some buyers and expand on what you are offering. In another thread you mentioned spices, etc. If you are able perhaps you could provide some examples of what is available from your region, what you think is best from where you are, and how much they might cost. If you do something like this you might get some more responses as well.

I do really like the idea of postcards, but then you are dealing with cost of mail and personal addresses, this might not be necessary. What about taking some good digital images and offering them up for sale. No shipping cost at all that way and no ones personal info is needed aside from perhaps an email address… Just a thought :smiley:

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Kraatus That’s a great idea actually its marvelous

I live in Madhya Pradesh and this is the kind of food HQ of India and delicacies from all over the world is serves here.

But just one problem I am really not a great photographer.

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AkshatBahety Well, you might be surprised what others think of the pictures you take, or if you had a friend who you thought was better at finding those instances that present well in photographs, for the price of tea and an afternoon in the market, etc, they might take some pictures for you :slight_smile:

There is always a way to accommodate difficulties, if you only perceive them as opportunities to be creative rather than walls you cannot climb :wink:

edit: I was just looking at some images of Madhya Pradesh and it is astoundingly beautiful. I hope it is as lovely to live there as it is to look at.

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Kraatus Great Thought and I am going to work on the idea and tell you my plans in a week or so
Thanks Kraatus Redshift

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I will upload the first album in 2 Days if interested please reply.

Really No one Interested?

I give the image for free if anyone guess what is it?

AkshatBahety I like it :slight_smile:

It looks like a backlit draft beer at night :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to the rest of the album when you get it posted!


Its a candle at a shrine of an Indian Deity…

AkshatBahety Its the wick of an OIL LANTERN

Kraatus is right ita a candle behind a bottle of WATER😁

AkshatBahety woohoo, I did not expect to be right, and i was wrong about the type of beverage so that seems more like me, concept right but details a little off, lol.

Kraatus Ibhave sent you the link do check my new images in Marekt Place

AkshatBahety I really like the pictures you have posted, and if you keep bringing more I will buy at least one.

I was a little disappointed I couldn’t see the image on the site you buy the file from. Is there a way that you can load a preview of the picture there as well?

Anyways, please take some more pictures and post them up, give us some variety if you can.

Kraatus I am free this weekend and would uplo someore pics