Jan 2018 BootStrap(updated 24 Jan 2018)


Hi all as alot of people have been telling me the sync time is taking too long I have created a bootstrap upto 15th Jan 2018 you can download at https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgL-ifFkMPz5pluPJZjOleJnV6lX or the devs can pop it on the site.

accepting tips :wink: RsYSENpJiowa3XLEJ4bSfm4kaJazkpFbw9



I have downloaded the bootstrap.
Copied into app folder in Windows.
Syncing stating … 3 years 40 weeks behind.

How long should it take to synch?


It should be in %APPDATA%\Reddcoin\bootstrapfile


Thank you
I have now done this.
I didn’t see a old file.
3 years 23 weeks to go​:thinking::thinking:


so you should see in the bottom left of the wallet importing blocks from disk this will take about 2-3 hrs but then it should be done better then waiting a whole week to sync :wink:


I’m running Reddcoin core on an outdated version of OS X (10.11), it crashed twice while syncing, and OS X must’ve restarted itself yesterday, but my fears were absolved when I opened up the wallet again and staking did not lose any progress. I imported the previous bootstrap file from a long time ago, and it only took me 2 days (after the crashes) to fully sync.