Keep on staking!!! And earn thousands RDD

We can contribute to the Reddcoin-network in this way.
Setup your v2.0 wallet and paste bootstrap.dat in that folder -> C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Reddcoin (delete .xz from file name)
Then open your wallet, sync takes 1-2 days.
Add a password to your wallet and lock it. Beware: Write your password to a safe place and don’t share it with anybody.
You can create many receiving-addresses in a single wallet.
When you buy Reddcoin from an exchange site, always withdraw it to a different receiving address.
e.g.: You bought 40 million RDD, you can withdraw to 5 different addresses as 8 million RDD. You will receive stake rewards for an each address and contribute network in this way (as difficulty and weight).
I currently have 21 different receiving addresses.(many receiving-addresses in a single wallet)
Then click unlock wallet for activate staking.(arrow button will light green)
I usually earn 30,000 - 40,000 RDD as daily stake reward.
I back up my wallet once a week and keep .dat files on a dvd-rom or flash disk.
If you close-open your modem and run your v2.0 wallet several times a day(to connect with different ip’s), you automatically create a few active nodes from your country.
Keep on staking!!!

why not withdraw it in 1 wallet? you wont make more then 5… unless i am not fully understanding you

Reddcoinnoob, me too have a single wallet. Click File menu and select “Receiving addresses”. Just click +New button (Create a new address).
You can have multiple addresses. e.g.: You bought 50 million RDD from Bittrex. Bittrex allows to withdraw until 10 million RDD at a time. If you withdraw your reddcoins to your a different address at each time, network difficulty will also increase.

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i dont think it works that way… your creating a false increase? you do understand it call all be in 1 adress and the difficulty will be the same?.. i will check with john. you are creating hype, and possibly false information. BUt i am not saying youa re wrong. But i do ask you to be carefull with the info you write.

Reddcoinnoob Serkan34
Firstly I will say, you cannot game the system and receive more than the prescribed 5% pa reward.
However, what is described is a way to help manage and target the coinage.
By splitting the coins into smaller groups, can have an effect on how often that an address is staked.

There is no magic number here as the outcome is affected by the current network difficulty.


Thanks to Reddcoin Team :slight_smile:
I earned more than 15000 RDD within 2 hours.
Keep on staking!!.

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you can find the exact interest earned by using the following command

getinterest [starttime] [endtime]

starttime and endtime need to be set using unixtime which you can convert here

what i normally do is put in the date I want as a start, convert to unixtime
Add 86400 (60x60x24 - to get seconds in one day)

eg interest earned yesterday (31 Jan, 2017)

getinterest 1485820800 1485907200

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riazg That’s not true…cannot see it there.