Lack of awareness.

Evening all. I’ve been discussing reddcoin with about 5 or 6 users on reddit this evening. All of which generally think changetip is great.

When I mention reddcoin every single one of them were totally unaware of reddcoin and what it is about. All showed interest and I pointed them this way.

However. It concerns me how unaware people are of the coin.

Why…?? How do we sort it…??

Is there an up to date coming soon list in expected chronological order? I like to promote the coin when I can. But I’d like to be able to say this is coming next. Leading to this etc etc.

Dan I don’t know timelines. I would like to know the next too but it is a developers choice…

I’m not aware when the browser wallet will be updated to the last version… for example. I’m waiting for that to promote the coin… installing is too old school.

Dev’s are the ones you should ask… :wink:

Oliver I agree that waiting until the browser wallet is done is a good idea. The browser wallet will make it easy for everyone to start using Reddcoin. After that alot of other updates are planned but none that youd want to mention to a non-crypto crowd(Most of them are technical/behind the scenes/extra features).


I feel it’s important also to trust organic growth and to play a part in this (as you are clearly doing Dan) by talking with people and using the social media accounts you will be tipping through.

The cryptocurrency scene is going through a fundamental upheaval and I think it will no longer be speculation in the driver’s seat from now on - Bitcoin owned that phase - but organic growth and grassroots adoption. It is going to take time but it is IMO a very good bet that those who stay the path will find success in diverse niches.

It’s time to relax and enjoy being part of a growing community!


reddibrek Couldn’t agree more!

Although I agree with some of what’s been said, the part about organic growth troubles me somewhat.

The way Reddcoin is looking for me, is huge, I can see a real future in it. I have absolutely no clue about the inner workings of crypto and limited computer skills. Therefore, id have expected that the bigger crypto/computer orientated people would have been much more aware of this project.

Its a little like my employer. We are one of the best in our field in the UK, and have a worldwide presence. Over the years work with the big long standing companies has increased, meaning turnover has been. However the company expects new companies to come to us for our services, not us go to them. As time has gone on, these big companies we have had for years have now started to go elsewhere for some jobs. I’ve now started contacting littler companies just in our local area to look for work, and surprise surprise, we are unheard of. This means we have not had a lot of work we could have had over the years, just because we haven’t promoted, and expected people to come to us.

I don’t know the answer to promote mass awareness for Reddcoin. I wish I did, because I would be out doing it.

The only other thing I have thought about after joining the millionairemakers subreddit recently, we could do a similar thing, offering millions and millions of Reddcoin, which i’m sure the community could muster up.


Hey Dan, I do get what you are saying, but I still think things are going just fine.

Your example of work is a good one, and crucial not to forget. But the infrastructure needs to evolve more and the products need polishing, before a professional marketing effort can be set up. Laudney has also made his views on this clear. First we need a great product, then comes marketing.

Let’s get the product working first. Once a good product exists, marketing is a vital part of any business.

We also need a professional foundation, for which Reddcoin Ltd was set up.

I know it may seem like a small thing, but I believe very strongly that community members can make a big difference simply by building up their own personal social media network so as to be ready for the 2nd gen tip platform.

It appears to me that the cryptocurrency community will continue to go through a depressed period for the time being. What is happening now is that we are heading towards a turning point where the ratio of people involved because they actually enjoy the communities and projects, and can see real-life potential for these projects, is increasing in comparison with those who are in it primarily for speculative purposes. As the tipping point is reached these communities will see increased membership and activity. Perhaps this is already starting to happen.

As a last note, I used to think that Bitcoin was a kind of viral phenomenon, but after making even only half an effort to understand it I began to understand quickly that it is not. With its complex nature, its user-unfriendly nature (for the time being at least) and its “dangers” (amplified by the media) how on earth could it be? I do think the crypto projects with dedicated teams and good communities will find success, but everyone should be prepared to look at the bigger picture and try to think in longer time frames when it comes to wider adoption.


I’m in no way slating what has been done to date/going forward. Its purely my amazement at the lack of awareness.

I understand that a good product is needed first. You cant advertise what you don’t have. I just expected that everyone would be aware of what was coming at least.

What is being rolled out over the next few stages? I like to be able to inform people correctly when they ask.


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Dan The electrum browser wallet is out for public beta testing:

Please be aware this is still being tested. Do not use significant amounts of Reddcoin. The devs are actively working on improvements.

The next generation tip platform will be based on the browser wallet functionality. Although unreleased, in its present stage of development this tip platform already supports over a dozen social networks (see Laudney’s reddit post:

These two projects are genuinely cutting-edge, and I believe put Reddcoin a strong technical advantage to other altcoins. This is plenty to learn about and talk about!

In the future there will be projects launched in coordination with Reddcoin Ltd to provide services around this core infrastructure.