Latest Reddhead has arrived

Just wanted to share with you that my latest project has finally finished compiling after 9 months.
The results of all that effort has produced an excellent new addition to the Reddhead family.
There was probably more effort from the mother, but none the less, we are more than happy with the outcome

Mum and baby are doing fine.
Dad is just exuberant

Thanks all for your patience and allowing me to share

Gnasher Welcome and congratulations…(sleep deprivation is now totally assured)

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Gnasher That’s great! Ours is still compiling…hopefully the release date will be early February…

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Best wishes to the whole family. Well done to the wife for the compiling! :wink:

Gnasher Congrats! Life is one of the most beautiful projects ever. God bless you and your family :slight_smile:

Thanks Everyone
I love kids,
In all of life’s challenges, watching your kids, grow, learn mature into adults is an amazing accomplishment.

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