Laudney resignation

I’m sad to announce that Laudney resigned from the lead developer role at Reddcoin. He also resigned from his director role in Reddcoin ltd.

We would like to thanks him for everything he as done for the Reddcoin project in the last year and a half. He worked 1000’s of hours, without a salary, always in the best interest of the currency and the community. Without him, there would be no Reddcoin today.

That being said, the role of lead developer at Reddcoin is now open. We will be taking submissions in the next weeks and are actively looking for a replacement. Contact me at if you have the qualifications required. We thank all candidates for applying; however, only those under consideration will be contacted.

Laudney will stay for a while as a consultant and he will make sure the transition goes smootly.



Reddcoin This is painful to hear. Laudney has done a great job with Reddcoin and has become a pioneer in the cryptocurrency field. He deserves much gratitude from the community. I wish him the best and hope he sticks around as a Reddhead so that we can properly thank him for his hard work.

A few questions about what happens now:

Are the other devs still working on the coin - tralf, reddibrek, bigreddmachine, yourself? We’ve all been relieved to see gnasher, raid5, and lionzeye active recently.

How does this change plans moving forward? Is Social X still the goal we are moving towards (I really hope it is)?


laudney - Thanks so much for all of the hard (and sometimes thankless) work you’ve done. Sorry for the times you’ve had to deal with difficult situations or personalities. I hope you are healthy and moving in a positive direction in your life.


Huge thanks to laudney for all of the (often times) thankless work developing Reddcoin. I also hope you can drop by the forum once in awhile to share your thoughts on development. What’s next in your future?

Reddcoin thanks for keeping us in the loop. I’m sure this was was a difficult thing for both of you. Losing laudney is a huge hit, but it does give me some revived optimism about our future moving forward.

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Reddcoin Is now a good time to shape the role in terms of the expected level of actual hands on development versus leading a vision, coordinating technical resources and managing integration of code developed by other contributors ? I guess it’s a question of seeing who applies for the role and then shaping things as a compromise between the individual’s skills and the bigger picture. One needs to consider that ending up again too reliant on a single individual may be suboptimal.

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GrayPhoenix Considering the lack of communication of the whole group including Jonathon, Its a pretty good bet that its not being worked on. We were told theres a WHITEPAPER that was being worked on. Heres the thing the way this has been handled is a pretty good indication of how they will handle problems. There will be no new developer appointed…this will be a stringing along process…as they have done with social X etc.
They will drag out the process and in the end NO one will be found…and the next move is
WE ARE SORRY…we are closing the company and abandoning the development of the coin.
This is absolutely the most likely outcome. INTERM LEAD DEVELOPER? NOPE not going to do that…If Laudney is leaving he will want this coin , HIS HOBBY to end as well.

GrayPhoenix For what it’s worth I’m still here. My life has taken some unexpected turns, but reddcoin is not something I’m ready to abandon.

I’m still in touch with the team and am very much interested in finishing and delivering the browser wallet. Sorry for being out of contact lately.


Still working on a soon to release Android wallet and In-app payment system.


Now is the time to regroup and set out our stall and future plans…

I want to be involved in project management kind of aspect if the option ever comes up. This is what I know, I do not have DEV skills.

Are you staying Reddcoin ? Why so little communication, do you no longer wish to be here either? Either way isn’t an issue, but knowing where we are at is the first step in moving forward.

We need social x. Do we have anyone who is capable on the team at present?

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The loss of laudney from the developers team is of course a bit hit, however it is not the end.

His contribution has been substantial in the initial 18 months and he is available to provide advice where needed into the foreseeable futhure. The foundations have been laid, and as i have mentioned, there is enough resources available for anyone to contribute to any development.

As it is, I am researching alternate methods for tipping for which I have been sharing tidbits in other threads, and this is progressing along.
This does not need Social-X or ReddID or a Whitepaper (but i am creating a design doc) to succeed.

All it needed was an idea and an interest to get involved


The coin is solid no question, Laudney’s work has been extremely robust. What has been lacking is communication and this facet will need to improve. I posted above what I think is the most likely outcome given the present situation.
Not happy that there is no Lead Developer Interm, No POSV 2.0, Redd ID, Social X and all the other innovation left unfulfilled. On personal note I am thankful for the things I have learned about Crypto Currency from Reddcoin, it taught me more than Doge and Bitcoin combined. I like the staking aspect of the coin and the speed of the transactions.
More than anything the worst part of this process has been the UTTER SILENCE.
I am nobody around here just a person in the UK who saw a coin with potential and a vision.
It’s all still right there…the opportunity still exists.
What I dont want to see from Jonathan and any one else connected with this Project is the SILENT treatment.
Letting people know the status of developments is just good sense.
I am still sitting here getting my head around things…trying hard not to make any decisions at this point because the emotional component inherent in this announcement has left me a bit staggered.
All of us or most of us who use this coin have an interest in its well being. As usual I have said too much but its early in London and I am still processing this.
We can move forward…but that movement is going to dictated by others and if they decide that the code is going to remain shuttered then any financial resources expended must be considered a total loss.
I guess thats the way it goes.

while not a huge surprise, it is at least a step forward and I wish this news came a few months ago before the coin and community stagnated.

laudney did a great job for reddcoin and it is disappointing he is no longer developing code for reddcoin, sadly I am not sure a good developer with vision would step in at this stage of a coins life but we shall see.

I would imagine there will be a massive sell off and the price to tank thinking the project has been abandoned so expect a rough period until when/if a new developer is picked.

Thank you laudney for the work you did, I enjoyed the project while it was active.

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Greetings from one who was banned four times from Reddcoin and twice from Reddit in the support of this coin. I continue to follow it.


Okie79 said:

Greetings from one who was banned four times from Reddcoin and twice from Reddit in the support of this coin. I continue to follow it.

Would you believe FIVE times ** User was Banned for this post**

Redshift Laudney never liked what I had to say about him! But look what happened!

I never lost a penny on the coin, mainly because I made the market on Cryptsy for many months and Laudney finally pissed me off completey when the coin was 15-18. So I dumped! It was a definite learning experience. I went on to complete my education in two more coins…now I know the secret to success…but it is a SECRET!

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Okie79 Good for you Okie, its been really quiet without you around here. You always spoke your mind and it may have intimidated certain people. Mr Ren has been very quiet which left room for plenty of speculation.
I am glad that he has finally admitted the obvious. The only question is whether the keys for the kingdom will actually be given up.

I tried to get Larry and reddcoin to allow the control of reddcoin to be handed over to the coin holders. It might still work…it wouldn’t be a first…but perhaps it would. I wanted a coin vote, similar to a stock vote…with the wallets voting for people who would control the coin for a time certain. They would be subject to a recall vote if performance was poor. The wallets would vote on projects and “money” would be donated, either by coins or cash. It would make the community responsible for itself.

Both Laudney and reddcoin agreed (in writing), then kicked me out when the time came to implement the wallet vote.

The controllers would remain sort of anonymous. It was much more elaborate than that, but that was the idea. The coin would have to have much more meaning and purpose than it has presently planned.

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Laudney was a great developer.

But he was also overly sensitive to criticism - a trait common in the Reddcoin team that had led to the coin’s downfall (what with all the banning, and the need to migrate from reddit to this forum, etc).

And let’s not overlook the most unprofessional trait of all: lack of communication.

With that said, Reddcoin had tons of potential. Shame it had to fail because developers were more concerned with moderating public opinion than focusing on the dev road map.

Best of luck to those devs still fighting the good fight for Reddcoin today! The odds are against you, but it’s a noble proposition. If Reddcoin wants to succeed, it’s going to need to find lead developer(s) with backbone.


Reddcoin it is laughable that you come back after such a long time, not explaining your own absence, and then dont log back in for 17 hours, are we gonna have to wait another couple of months for you to come back online? A good question was asked by Dan please respond :slight_smile: !

I think it was rather childish of Laudney to wait so long with the resignation, almost as if he wanted to punish us or something.

Anyway still here, still think the first coin to make decentralised tipping across the major social platforms will be among the top coins, still think PoS is the only viable option because of how ridiculous it is to waste energy on miners. I hope Gnasher can assemble a team for his tipping project, and that they get the keys.

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Just a heads up as well, someone on Reddit spotted a huge shift of about 22 Billion RDD in the last 24 hours … Laudney about to dump?