looking for POSV developer for SolarCoin transition

Hello, I am helping SolarCoin to find a developer who can help us convert SolarCoin a POW coin to POSV. The coin supports a tx message of 140 characters. solarcoin.org
SolarCoin has been written up in Coindesk, The New Scientist and Scientific American as one of the most interesting uses of blockchain technology. SolarCoins work like airmiles for solar energy generators.

1 MWh produced entitles a person to §1. The transition to POSV aligns our coin with a low carbon footprint and mission. This can be a paid contract project either in BTC or SLR. If interested reach out to nick.gogerty at gmail.com The source repository is on https://github.com/solarcoin/solarcoin

It looks like the project SolarCoin was originally forked from has already implemented PoSV. Maybe you can leverage their work?