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Welp, think I lost 45k RDD in this tx: http://live.reddcoin.com/tx/4f135b478411e3d1269de1f74d9e6f0b561db8ded055bb43636f2e83edceec3e because I wanted to get my coin off cryptsy and needed to reformat computer which is why I used the address to the reddit tip bot. Still only shows I have 10k in there from a while ago, but doesn’t show the 45k I just deposited. Only did that because we don’t have an app wallet (for a cell phone, tablet, etc…). Is anyone working on that? I know everyone’s busy with life, but I wish I had it available. I’ll try to find the code to the bitcoin or dogecoin wallet and see if I can make something similar to that, but it will be a wallet with no staking ability, just a simple “hold this money until I spend it” wallet…

EDIT: Well, after 6 confirms, it shows up. My bad.

bmp02050 ^ Good news!!

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Don’t know if it’s still relevant, but Coinomi (Android) holds Reddcoin