Missing transaction , recovery not successful


I recently tried to transfer from my RDD wallet to an exchange the transaction failed to work but the coins disappeared. I followed the insturciotnto rebuild the blockchain and upgrade to V3. the coins returned minus some unexplained amount. I then tried to repeat the transaction which which lodged as 3 years ago then changed to 2020…it didn’t confirm so i tried resyncing the blockchain again. This time no success and the transaction is still showing as old and not confirmed.

Please help me recover the funds and make the transaction effectively.

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Please send an email to: help@reddcoin.com

More fee / gas

Je hebt hem te laag

i have sent an email almost 2 weeks ago with no response

I make sure to respond to tickets that I can answer. Are you sure you sent it to help@reddcoin.com?

Can you send it again?

Just received your ticket. You’ll get help shortly.