My Graduation Thesis & Reddcoin

Hi there Reddcoin community!

I’ve had less time to commit to Reddcoin project, over the course of the last months of 2014. That’s about to change. :slight_smile:

I’ll now be working on my graduation thesis, which is going to be all about Reddcoin and Simplified Payment Verification (SPV). To conclude my research, I’ll be developing the long awaited Android wallet. I’ll be sure to ask the community for your opinion on various aspects of the implementation and its functionality, when that phase is there.

Feel free to ask and/or suggest me anything.

Leonard - lionzeye

lionzeye Awesome! Hope you can post a copy here for us to read too.


Would love to read the thesis :smiley:

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Sounds great, I suppose this is master thesis? Do you have an expose that you can share? Would be interesting to hear comments of the community.

How much time do you plan for developing the Android app? And who wil work on an iOS version (I suppose you won’t do that as well, am I right?).

I had struggle finishing my thesis, so I know this is a time of distress. Wish you all the best and hopw you gonna check in every now and then to feed us with updates :slight_smile:

lionzeye if you want a cheer squad get in touch. I’m a BA (hons) double degree survivor. It’s a real marathon and, like a marathon, it’s a mental battle and you’ll need support. If you ever want to let off steam or trade war stories, hit me up.

I’ll even share the secret of “sleep writing”! I’ll laugh about it now but it was a very bleak time for me and I was exhausted every day and couldn’t even switch off when sleeping. I was writing notes in my sleep as I dreamt about my thesis. My sleep writing looks the same as my regular handwriting but oversized!
Keep sane and power on dude, and when the tough parts start to weigh on you, I’m here to listen and support.


That’s good news lionzeye. This kind of development is great for the project - I’m really pleased you’re dedicating your research to Reddcoin!

If I could ask one thing it would be for you to consider, when you think it’s the right time, doing a Reddheads newsletter on the subject. We could do an interview, you could author the piece yourself if you like, or some other format. Please let me know.

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lionzeye Best of luck with your thesis. Looking forward to the android wallet.


Good news a thesis on Reddcoin! Make a nice Work! :smiley:

You will be talking about infrastructure as well?

I’ll be graduating for my Bachelor in Computer Science. The next few months will be pretty much 50/50 development/research. raid5 is our iOS-developer. I’ll make sure to provide some updates on a regular basis and the opinion of the community will be used quite often.

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Updates are what is important for this coin at the moment.

There is so much negativity flying around. Nothing makes people smile than a nice update to see where things are at.

Really looking forward to these mobile wallets!

Best of luck on the thesis!


lionzeye That’s good news! Any plans regarding NFC functionality?

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GrayPhoenix said:

That’s good news! Any plans regarding NFC functionality?

Something I’ve been thinking about also. I have a specific user case.