my thoughts on ReddID

Hi y’all

So I got my ReddID verified and can already use it on reddit and facebook, so that is so cool!

Thank you Reddheads, this is an amazing thing and I can’t wait to watch how Reddcoin and the whole project is going to be adopted by so many people. I really think this could change the way people look at crypto. if you have an ID that you can use on twitter, facebook etc and get little bits and pieces of coins for your content - plus you don’t have to remember anything about hash stuff, public keys etc., this will make it so much more user friendly! People can simply click the button and tip their buddy without having to know what the blockchain is or any of that… so yeah, I am s oproud to be part of this…

I do although have some suggestions in order to make it even more mainstream-adoption friendly. Please know that I am not a tech and am just simply thinking out loud… :slight_smile:

a) would it be possible / make sense, if every new user that gets the ReddID and signs in, gets some little amount of coins he can spend on any kind of comment in any social media plattform he / she wants, just to get familiar with it and enjoy its amazingness. I think this could make it even more exciting and might encourage non crpyto people to get started.

b) it is still really hard for many poeple to grasp what this crypto stuff is, let alone to get involved. So in order to get RDD, one has to get some kind of an account either on coinbase, coss, coinmama or whatever fiat crypto exchange, which is in itself a somewhat tedious process. then, you got to learn / know / educate yourself on how to send it to an exchange, know how this exchange works and how to buy / sell the coins you want. For RDD probably easiest is bittrex, which is still not just that simple for newbs. then, you got to send them to the ReddID and go through that whole process in order to set up your account. I think this is just to complicated for non crypto-ers, or crypto-muggels, if they don’t really want to learn all this. Wouldn’t it encourage people more, if they could sign up for free (if somehow possible) and not have to go through all that? I don’t know how this all would work out in detail, but I know, if I tell my friends:

“hey, I got 300 RDD for free for signing up, do it too and I can send you these coins just for telling you that you are awesome and then you can tip any one you like on social media!!!”

i know more people would be encouraged…

c) could the UI be changed, that when it closes ( in case you click on the browser or a page) you don’t have to restart at the very front page of the extension? Or is there a reason for this to be like that? ![Description](![Link](image url) “Title”)

c) the whole signup process (again, these are just suggestions, I think it all is fucking amazing!!!) is somewhat complicated and I was wondering, if the whole UI of the extension could be made more user friendly, like put buttons in the main pop up, make it more intuitive ( especially the ID part). I know, this is only the beginning, I just think if this gets easy to use, easy to get started and big fun to tip, my god I think RDD will boost itself to the moon - the moon of Jupiter!!!

anyhow, thanks for reading, commenting etc.

Cheers and - god this is cool to say - you can now tip me straight via my ReddID if you like this. hehe, I feel so smart!!

e) Can you have mutliple IDs (personal, business, etc.)!?
f) some users asked me if it is possible to send funds from the “savings” address back to the “spending funds” wallet?