Need help with Reddcoin Wallet recovery

Hi everyone,
I’m in a rather complicated situation with my wallet. I backed up my wallet back in July 2014. Then I purchase many more reddcoins, but didn’t get a chance to back it up again. My MacBook crashed and I had to reformat my drive. What I’m wondering is, if i download the new wallet; then put the old wallet.dat file in. Would it also include the coins I purchased after I backed it up ? Or am i screwed forever?

If you had the newer coins sent to the same address everything will be fine :slight_smile:

The new coins were sent to the same exact wallet. So you’re saying, as it updates, everything will be in there? I could only hope for the best

Yes, the wallet.dat will only store your private keys to give you access to your Reddcoin.
Everything else is saved in the blockchain.

ball0r Thank you for your help. I’m still waiting for it the sync the block chain. I’m going with the boot strapping method. It has been 2 hours and counting. Is it supposed to take this long?

ball0r I’ve looked at your signature. When I started the download, it doesn’t say what the actual size of the file downloading. Would you be able to tell me how large is your file ?

I too am using the bootstrap to sync my wallet. It’s taking a really long time, but I started 3 years and 50 some odd weeks behind. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! Lol. I started this morning around 0800 and it’s now 1700 and I’m 2 years and 40 weeks behind. It’s going to take awhile…

K_Crypto If you look at Ballor’s method, he uploads his copy of the block chain. Theoretically, this should significantly reduce sync time.

minhpham92 Thx! I’m going to give that a try. Do you think I should uninstall/reinstall the wallet?

K_Crypto No, Just let the wallet do is thing for safety reasons. Download his file, and wait until it finishes, and replace the appropriate files? I’m still downloading that file, it’s rather large. Probably 3gb ?

minhpham92 Sounds good. I’m downloading it as well. I’m seeing the size as 2.6gb so right on it. I’ll remove the bootstrap file from the Reddcoin folder then replace with Ballor’s files. Thx!

minhpham92 It worked! I’m synced up!

K_Crypto Your internet is much faster than mine. I’ve went from being almost half a decade behind to being behind only 42 hours :slight_smile:

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