New Coin and Exchange Review

A new multicurency and exchange site is being developed at
They claim
“We are two friends developing a website with a purpose of providing a place for unbiased user reviewing and commenting on cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges.”

Vote for your exchanges and Crypto.

Hope you can show a bit of support for Reddcoin by voting

да если она там появиться

Voting has started. Promote Reddcoin
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You can vote once every 24 hours

Take a vote for Reddcoin

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They were little more than 4 hours. Still need 10 votes: x

I have voted 4 reddcoin :slight_smile:

Keep voting…
At the start of the new round of voting, Reddcoin is No. 2 position

проголосовал за RDD

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Keep the votes rolling.
You can do it each 24hrs

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edit: reddcoin is first place with 101 votes and its only 4 hours until the votes end
i think we have a winner here :smiley:

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Congratulations, Reddcoin will be added to Revex Coin and Exchange review site


Reddcoin now added to

Feel free to add your comments and experiences

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Let’s do more comments on revex and say how great our Reddcoin coin is.