New core wallet type - only requiring you to sync a part of the blockchain

not sure if anyone suggested this before, but this is a long-visioned suggestion.

the blockchain size (of bitcoin) inspired me to do this. why? because if Reddcoin is to be a long-standing currency, we need a size of blockchain most of the people can afford to have it easier to port. to most the people, those transactions history aren’t even essential to their wallet, but they are still asked to sync.

the mechanic is like nested RAID, where instead of synchronising the full blockchain before able to use, everyone is going to synchronise parts of the blockchain, altogether a full blockahain.

for example, a 100GB of blockchain with 30 users active, then these 30 players would only have to synchronise 4~5GB of that. when there are more users active, the fewer data to be caught up because those blockchain data is distributed between those users

also congrats on the price rise as of this post! it is now 13 sats per one.

In the Reddcoin roadmap (The Future of Redd | The social currency.), you can see the following items:

Mobile Core Wallet
- Enhance Protocol to use Electrum/ElectrumX Solutions

There is being worked on Electrum-Redd (Linux/macOS/Windows, Android), a Reddcoin wallett that uses the Electrum technology, which makes it possible to connect/use servers that have the blockchain indexed. This results in a fast-working wallet, without the need to download the blockchain first.

Currently, staking is not yet supported on the Electrum-Redd wallet, but if/when that is possible, this can be used for the core parts of the coin, mainly ReddID.