New Electrum Server available

There have been a few requests recently so for those who have used the Electrum wallets in the past, I have put up a new server that you can access.
I have now added an additional server that you can access, and updated hostnames to reflect
You now have the choice of

  • 50001 (tcp)
  • 50002 (ssl)


  • 50001 (tcp)
  • 50002 (ssl)

You will need to add these hosts manually to the client in order to use.

If there is an interest, i would like to see a few servers set up around the globe so that there is some geographic dispersion of services.
PM me if you have an interest.

(edited to reflect updated node info)

Great work Gnasher

how do I add the servers to the client? Do i need to edit the config file in …/roaming/etc…?

There are 2 methods
you can launch the client, and then access the network settings.
you can add the server to the commandline…
(will check later the syntax)

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FYI, I have updated the original post with additional hostname to reflect just onlining an additional new server

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Gnasher thank you for adding further support to the network. Let me ping tralf now! :wink: