New Passphrase dont working...wallet is still open, pls help me!

Hey guys, today I switched my Passphrase, I use the same Passphrase on other wallets and the Passphrase is on a text file, so I copy and paste it. Iam sure I copy and paste it right, but now I cant unlocking my Wallet anymore, because it says its wrong. :frowning: The wallet is still open but i cant do anything because its locked. The passphrase was a 12 word passphrase…

I have the DAT File with the old Passphrase, can I do anything with that file for save my wallet?

Pls help me :frowning:

Ok I have it! I used the old DAT file and replace it here:

in the directory appdata/roaming/reddcoin/wallet.dat

and type my old passphrase in.

I am so relieved…

I’m glad that you solved it :wink: