New Reddcoin Electrum server online!

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While I’m finishing my work on getting Reddcoin Electrum updated, I’ve launched a public Reddcoin Electrum server ( (TCP) or (SSL))
It’s one of the vital steps in getting an alternative LIGHT-WEIGHT client with a ton of new features, incorporating all the changes up to Electrum 2.8.3.

I’m looking to keep this server and my some of my work community-driven when it comes to funding. The monthly costs are currently ~$23 dollars for the VPS (DigitalOcean 2GB droplet) and I’m sure we can chip in to keep the server running and maybe even get it a dedicated domain.

For this purpose I’ve created a basic page: , where you can find some details on various funding possibilities. I’m still a volunteer and I’m currently mostly a ‘community developer’, looking to build a significant part of the Reddcoin infrastructure. You can always send me ideas and thoughts on various projects that will start to appear on that web page. I’ll add some more information and functionality to it, implementing live updates on funding and my progress, as well as insight into how any funding is spent.

Cheers: lionzeye (Leonard)

lionzeye, may I ask what (client) software can be used to work with this Electrum server? Is there any link/url or (brief) info you may provide? Thanks a lot!

ycz The upcoming browser wallet, merchant tools, browser extensions and a full rework of the Electrum desktop client will all use this architecture. I’ll get an alpha version of the desktop wallet out asap.

lionzeye Thank you!

lionzeye When are you joining the official Reddcoin team? They need people like you!