New to the Redd community

Hey everyone, guess I’ll introduce myself here! Reddcoin was recently my first crypto purchase after converting some fiat to BTC. I randomly saw it as someones pick on YT for good crypto buys and I was instantly sold on the idea. I’m from Oklahoma, USA right in the middle of the map. My background is in graphic design, video, and music production. You can basically call me a creative director. I’ve been using the Adobe Creative Suite since 2004 and I’m mostly self taught in everything I do. I’ve taken classes on Adobe, Photography, etc, but no college degrees here. I hope to contribute my small ideas to the community and maybe I can inspire someone with the thoughts I have.

As far as what I can do to help: flyer, poster, and logo design are some of my favorite things to do. I also love video editing and production so hit me up any time if you’re working on a project that I can help on. I’ll gladly take RDD as payment :wink: Guys I truly believe we’re a part of the next Bitcoin, Google, Apple, Uber, Tesla before the rest of the world finds out about it and I can’t tell you how excited that makes me!

Hey Reddjay

Nice to have you onboard! I am also very excited about the project but I feel that the community is quite small right now. This is probably also due to the small amount of updates and communication by the devs (glad to see some in the past days!).

I feel like we need to get more people excited about the project so that also Reddcoin sees some adoption in the future.

So spread the word, make people excited about the project and maybe the devs get also more active! :slight_smile:

See ya

Hi Reddjay, here is a link to the Reddcoin Cumminity Youtube channel:

And here is a link to the Reddit thread;

I think someone like you would be great to get involved with the visual aspect of the coin. People on Reddit were talking about redoing the logo and seeing if there could be a more modern crisp and cleaner logo for the coin. But i think things like this help the dev team to be able to focus more so on the functionality of the coin whilst we network and help in other aspects.

Make your voice heard and let people know your skills on the Reddit thread, i look forward to seeing what you can do !