Nice platform that needs to be more active

I just joined this site. It is quite an interesting way to encourage others to post through giving tipping. If the experienced ones can just go out to make more YouTube videos and promote more intensively, we may be able to get more active members. Reddcoin is on the rise. Getting more people onboard should be easier now.

I like the platform as well. Also much of my knowledge of reddcoin comes from the telegram chat. There is already much to find about reddcoin on youtube but I agree. The more the better as this is a great coin!

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What company would you want to see this on the most? What’s something totally out of the box application?

Do you see something like video games being able to tip someone in a multiplayer session for something?

One of the interesting platforms could be earning reddcoin while playing mobile games. Players get to buy and trade their weapons using reddcoins as well as mine them during the game but it will not be real mining. With the reddcoins earn, they can choose to transfer out to a wallet or sells off when they want to.

I am just got to know and joined ReddCoin a few minutes ago, I love the idea of Reddcoin and the way it is. It would be great to give me a tip to get started, thanks.

Hey Guys! Very new to Reddcoin. In the process of setting up wallet. Great to be part of the community.