No stacking - Coins not received

Yesterday I bought first 0.1 BTC of Reddcoins on CCEDK
And than on ( Always 0.1)
I know however that both sites are paying.
I have still not received them. How to do???
Here is my REDD address: ( I don’t even know how to check any transaction): Rv9PB4EeWn8etApVWPWR4e7XEFnUXVPqa6

Anyway, these are my REDDWallet configurations:

Not Staking
Daemon OK


You can check your address at either

According to the info on there is only 1 transaction for about the amount of 0.1 BTC at Jan 5, 2015 11:59:39 AM
there is no second transaction for 0.1 BTC

For shapeshift, since you have to specify a rdd address, i would assume that is the amount received

For CCEDK, did you do a withdrawal yet??
in both cases, they should have also provided a Tx id which can be used to check the destination address

Yeah CCEDK is not confirmed yet.
Gnasher why in the egg I cannot see from my wallet?
There is the 0.1 BTC but I cannot access from my wallet.
It says zero.

Which wallet are you using?
QT or Web

Gnasher i am using the downloded pne on windows

Which one was that the ReddCoin Core or ReddWallet version

Either way, if you entered the correct address they should show up
Did you try restarting the wallet?

It’s red wallet.
I closed and reopened the wallet everytime.
How to restart??
It says 'not stacking ’ in left down angle

Sorry, just re-read your OP
your only up to block 116518
The current block count is about 485970

You need to finish syncing completely before you will see your transactions and will be able to start staking
Just leave it open, and unlocked.
The wallet will finish downloading the blockchain, and then you should be good to go


Gnasher thank you

supermumu Did you receive your redd?

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Thank you so much for this! I had the same problem too, and I had no idea why my transactions weren’t showing. I think if you hover over the sync number, it should tell you the percentage of when it will be done… I still have no idea how long to wait.

The time it takes to sync is dependent on a number of factors.

  • Firstly, the length of the blockchain needed to download…(the longer the chain, the more blocks needed to download)
  • Secondly, the speed of your network connection
  • Thirdly, the speed of your computer

There are a couple of indicators for monitoring progress
You will see the progress bar along with the number of weeks/day/hours behind
Also, if you are on the QT (full wallet) you can go to the help/debug window and the Blockchain details are there also

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m3ndi3 the syncing duration depends a bit on your computer/internet speed. Without using the bootstrap approach, it will probably take a good day to get fully caught up.

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Gnasher Aah, I’m using the ReddWallet, not the QT version. On the main website it said it was the “Reddcoin full experience” I guess I was a bit misled on that being the “full wallet” Description. On that client, I have no idea how long the sync will take :confused: Description (If I hover over the 203501 number, nothing happens)

raid5 Here is the statistics page, but it still does not tell me how much time I have left. I have used qt wallets and they are very simple and straightforward, they will have a time on the bottom of how long it will sync, and the wallet will tell you it is not synced yet (thus you cannot see your funds). I think a simple (unsynced) next to your 0.0000000 RDD would help a lot for newbies like me who had no idea why I wasn’t receiving my payments :slight_smile:

Sorry, i havent had much experience with ReddWallet
Looking at your screen grab, being on block 207,977
The current block is 488241

Your almost half way :slight_smile:

m3ndi3 For what I have readed it takes the same time. It the full experience because you get to be more envolved in the project!

A lot of online info is present on the wallet. That is the Full experience really and it allows staking.

PS: The QT is just like for rural old people like me and the Reddwallet is to attract a more friendly and cosmopolitan people. I don’t like too many effects… my windows looks like the 98SE and it Rocks!