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Hello & thanks for the time spent reading this thread! Today I would like to introduce Reddcoin Poker to you.

What is Reddcoin Poker?

Reddcoin Poker is a Poker Community offering you to play poker and win Reddcoins as a reward.
Nobody has to risk a fortune, you can win Reddcoins by playing in one of our many featured and sponsored freeroll tournaments which are starting several times a day.

Reddcoin Poker is based of a community part which can be found at , as well as the poker client, located at

Why become a member of Reddcoin Poker?

We are offering several incentives to make your stay as attractive as possible. Every time you contribute to our community, you will be rewarded with RDD (Reddcoins), our communities currency. You can earn badges, entry to exclusive Tournaments and other prices by earning points.

We are hosting a poker leaderboard where you can win Reddcoins by participating in our games and on our platform. The most active members and the most successful poker players will be rewarded with RDD. Check out our Promotions Page for more details.

How to play at Reddcoin Poker?

  1. : Sign up at
  2. : Sign up at
  3. Connect your player account with your community account here:
  4. Enter your withdrawal account address in your poker profile within our Poker Clients Login Area (Click Edit Profile)
  5. Start Playing

Why do I have to signup twice?
We are currently working on making the signup process between community & poker client easier, for now you have to signup manually with both platforms and connect the accounts. Our Community Platform has its own login system. We are working on an automatic api call to sign you up to our client automatically once you registered to our community, but for now it works the manual way only, sorry.

Which platform do you use to host your games?
We are using poker mavens to host our games.

How do you deposit/withdraw Reddcoins?
Currently there is no cashier system integrated. While we are in our open beta phase, we are paying out reddcoins via free rolls, monthly leaderboards and other promotions. We are working on adding the deposit system within the next few weeks, afterwards the top development priority will be the withdrawal system.

How will funds be stored/secured?
Once the deposit system is integrated, we will have a cold wallet storing most of the funds offline. Some part of our Funds will be stored online for users to be able to withdraw funds instantly.

How do you win prizes when you cannot deposit?
You win prizes by participating in tournaments. Everybody starts with a balance of 0 RDD and can build a balance by playing in tournaments starting from 0 Buy-in.

Each month the players who accumulate the most chips will win the Poker Leaderboard. There will also be prizes paid out.

How is the platform financed?
The platform is financed by donations, sponsorships & rake. Every time you donate towards the development fund, you speed up the process of new features coming to the platform.

How can I donate to the platform?

If you would like to donate towards the development goals send RDD to Ra11WxRhnQ8MWRBuQK3QkHQGCKw4KUF82c or simply play at RDD Poker so everyone has a great experience. You can also help us by playing at one of our sponsors you find at our Promotionspage

Collusion/Exploitation of services
While we cannot guarantee you, that there is zero collusion on our platform, we are working on making the platform as secure as possible. Please play fair.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. I would love to see you playing at RDD Poker, after all, the biggest motivation is to see players having fun on the platform :smiley:


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