Original 2017 wallet not showing balance

I bought RDD in 2017 and let it sit in my wallet for years. earlier in 2020 I tried accessing my wallet and updated it to " Reddcoin Core version v3.10.0.14-443248e-beta (64-bit) " on my MacBook air. The wallet fully synced but nothing was in my wallet. When I go to the reddcoin folder in my documents it shows the wallet file was made in 2017 but the Last modified showed that date I updated it. ( I’m not sure if the update/ new application overwrote the original wallet file?) I don’t have a backup of wallet.dat or the private keys but I do have screenshots of transactions when I made the original purchase through “Shapeshift” in 2017. These screenshots show the receiving address and transactions that I searched on the reddcoin blockchain network and they verify that I have RDD in that wallet.

If anyone can help me regain access to my coins, I’m willing to send you $1,000.

If Reddcoin Core is still running, make a new backup via File -> Backup wallet.

If Reddcoin Core is not running, make a copy of the wallet file.

And then, do nothing else. This to minimize any damage to the wallet file.

After this, send an e-mail with the same content as here to help@reddcoin.com, the Reddcoin Helpdesk. I will see your ticket coming in there, and will help you as soon as possible.