Perception Travel 3000 - An interdimensional traveler asks his audience to tip RDD to get him back home.

I have a fun playlist I’ve started in my new travel YouTube channel that blasts the Reddcoin logo in a weird way (more of an introduction, really). The narrator/host is from an alternate dimension of the Earth but uses the same internet as us. In his dimension, micro-tipping and social currencies are the standard for online media artists.

Only three videos so far (and only the pilot episode really discusses Reddcoin at all). It’s hard to make the YT annotations for executing this properly, but it’s at least a start. Any feedback or advice welcome.

Here’s that pilot:

Quite interesting that spirituality has made its way here.

Interesting features to have them in the list. But not enough. In fact, it is not complete. For me. There are so many countries in the world to visit. But I can’t but mention Russia, first of all. When I visited it read the full info here, it was very impressive. The agent ready to do everything for you. And to be with you all the time.