Performance indicator(s) for the strength, robustness, and healthness of the Reddcoin network

Recently, I have been wondering if I were one of the big guys, such as Facebook, Steam, etc., to choose one or some of the existing cryptocurrencies to adopt, what criteria would I use to evaluate these coins? (Just being hypothetical and academic, not meaning they would do it.) In my view, they won’t do their own coins, and the reasons I’ve posted months earlier at

Marketcap? Price per coin? I don’t know. Most of these things talked about by everyone seem to be “results” instead of “causes.”

It come to me yesterday that one possible, good way to evaluate a coin is the “steadiness” and “stability” of the supporting network of that coin. I am not talking about the stability of the price.

Given that more and more people having Reddcoin and doing staking, I can imagine that the Reddcoin network is fairly de-centralized (much better than those of PoW coins, including Bitcoin and even ETH) and extremely robust and stable. Such an excellent property probably does not exist for any other coins, but only for Reddcoin.

The issue is… how do we come up with some (easy to calculate and understand) performance indicator(s) to demonstrate the superiority and uniqueness of Reddcoin? If such a performance indicator exists, I firmly believe that Reddcoin is surely top ranked, if not #1, and speaks for itself.

Just my thought. What do you think?