Petition to stop Canada's Big Brother Bill, have a look, and if you are interested please sign and share

Kraatus - thank you for this

Ex-pat here. Been living in Japan for 13 years, but have been following this closely. How have things come to this? Just from the news, I get the impression that Harper is basically a steam-roller slowly putting along, unapologetically crushing anything that stands in the way of an easier road to profits for corporate/foreign interest.

This latest attempt to erode freedoms is just the latest facepalm. I’ve signed the position (along with 72k others at this point in time) and while I doubt my response written to accompany my digital signature will be read, I encourage others to sign and go further - send a copy of your message to your respective MLAs (find out who they are if you don’t actually know).

This should help you out:

strerd yeah this is what happens with a conservative majority, we have perhaps forgotten what that was like. I hope we can soon forget this one too, and before they erode any more of what made our country one to be proud of.