PI Wallet

Ok, having some issues trying to figure this out since have to ssh in to the pi. How do you get it to install rddcoin wallet. I know a little about linux, but not a lot. Mainly used fedora with a desktop, not much skill with ssh and cmd line only. Any help would be appreciated.

Drakona Hi

Check this post: http://www.reddit.com/r/reddCoin/comments/2b8wqm/tutorial_compiling_and_running_the_reddcoin/


Reddcoin Thank you that was just what I was looking for. Just couldnt seem to find it when I looked for it before.

Well managed to get the gui to compile but the daemon will not, it exits out with error 4 every time. I went back over each step and did not miss any of them and each of the rest completed with out any issues.

I’m a complete noob… but i managed to install and get the QT wallet & daemon running without a glitch on my RasPi using that guide… did you try to run all the commands as super user (sudo)? That did the trick for me in one particular step, can’t remember now.

Also, If your SSH connection drops while the Pi is compiling, compilation will halt and you will get errors. That’s common knowledge for linux users, but for me it caused a slight confusion as i’m still learning the gist of it all.

Also, i used Minera (a Debian based mining distro for the Pi; give it a shot even if you don’t mine).

Basic stuff, i know. But better than nothing.

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Didi I have the rasbian distro installed and minera on top of it controlling 4 gridseed orbs. minera works fine and it compiled the gui without any issues, it just fails each time on the daemon which is confusing. May have to delete the rddcoin folder and start from scratch to see if that fix’s it.

I may have to stop minera and take in to my tv and do it through the tv instead of just ssh to make sure it completes without the ssh dropping connection at any point and see if that helps too. will try deleting the rdd folder and starting fresh first though with ssh. if still cant, will do it the other way.