Please assist.

Hello, To keep a long story short I have been away. I do not have my old computer I used to work with. This has been Trashed. All I have is a wallet.dat backup in my email from December of 2014. Is there anyway I can recover my old investment? I have been out of the game a long time. Please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

Hello , you have to install latest Reddcoin wallet app, than locate where wallet.dat file sits in your computer, usually on mac its somewhere here: /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Reddcoin
and on Windows:
just rename that .dat file youll find in this directory to wallet.old
and copy/paste your wallet.dat file from your (email) backup in there.
Now it will take some (long) time to load all these block back to your computer.
Thats how i did, but pls check if im correct and follow these steps only at your own risk :slight_smile:

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Reddbird89 Download the newest wallet. Install it. Start it up. Go to the folder where the wallet.dat file is generated (location depends on OS, it’s all over here, just search around for a sec), remove the generated wallet.dat file, copy and paste the old wallet.dat file into it. Let it sync. Good to go. If you want it to sync slightly faster, download the bootstrap.dat folder, extract it, drop the bootstrap.dat file into your reddcoin folder (where the wallet.dat file is) and restart your wallet. Then, wait.

Drink a beer, play video games, go to work. It’ll sync up. There is no faster way at this time.

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platais09 Thank you! Now I remember.

bmp02050 Didnt know that there is a faster way to sync my wallet, thanks for a tip about bootstrap!

platais09 Yup, it’s been asked about countless times since the influx of new users. “Is there any way to make the sync faster?”…

Yes, the bootstrap will help, but your hardware will be the limiting factor. If you have the bootstrap and are using on a raspberry pi, it’ll still take longer than using it on some overclocked gaming machine… In either case, the worst part is waiting to sync. After that, this beats the snot out of bitcoin…

bmp02050 said in Please assist.:

bootstrap.dat folder, extract it, drop


Where is the “bootstrap.dat folder”?



My wallet says (out of sync) 3 year 14 hours behind.

Mine is 2 years 17 weeks behind

joe That’s normal. If you used the bootstrap file, it will say “Loading Blocks From Disk”, otherwise it’ll just sync from interwebs.

bmp02050 said in Please assist.:

it will say “Loading Blocks From

I hate to sound stupid but I’m not that good with computers lol. I downloaded Bootstrap on my pc, is that all I do?

joe You have to extract the file inside the bootstrap folder and drop the file inside into your reddcoin folder where your wallet.dat file is.


Or how do I use it on my wallet?

joe Extract the bootstrap.dat file, drop it in your folder where the wallet.dat file is…restart wallet, let sync. Once synced, do whatever you want…

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bmp02050 I just did that, still my wallet says it is out of sync. screenshot

miha It takes up to 48 hours to sync if you’re using a crappy computer or have slow internet. While it’s syncing, go get a beer…relax, play video games, get laid…something to kill time…

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miha Also, did you restart the wallet?

bmp02050 yes i restarted wallet, i will restart computer. I followed your advice and wiki

bmp02050 just restarted computer… all the same. It bothers me sync is still 2 years 12 weeks behind after 1 hour of synchronizing

miha It also says no block source found. I’d grab the wallet.dat file, and bootstrap.dat files and save them to desktop, uninstall and reinstall wallet…