PLEASE help recover coins...1st successful response gets 500 REDD

Hello fellow investors,

  1. I bought 30,000 coins on Cryptopia
  2. I downloaded the Windows Wallet. Luckily Encrypted and backed up the wallet.
  3. I sent the coins before it synced and they never arrived after sync. Waited 3 days.
  4. Cryptopia says status, ‘‘complete’’.
  5. Double checked receiving address from wallet and sending from Cryptopia…Matched
  6. Blockchain Explorer doesn’t provide result for the transaction ID but shows confirmed when I enter the address. However, the balance says 0.
  7. So I deleted the Wallet and redownloaded it with my backed up wallet.dat file and everything synced fine. I entered my original password and it shows a balance of 0 still.
  8. I checked requested payments history in new wallet and the date and address match Cryptopia but shows no amount. Also, it does not appear under transactions.
  9. The new wallet has now been synced and open for about 10 hours. I even restarted it. Still 0.

What should I do? I have proof of it being sent to the correct address. Is it lost?

Please help. 500 coins to 1st correct troubleshooter.

Here is the trans ID and receiving address. Sent on 4/27


Your wallet was FULLY synced? No bar at the bottom?

If the TXID on the exchange does not show on the blockchain, the problem is with the exchange. Cryptopia (as I’ve heard many times) is full of problems and complaints. Sometimes taking them months to process transactions.

Just figured it out. What an idiot mistake on my part.

Bought RED instead of RDD.

Now just have to download that wallet I suppose???

I really hope that you are joking. If you made a mistake and really did purchase RED instead of RDD and send it to an RDD address, then I believe your coins are gone forever. RDD wallet does not support RED coins because its a different coin all together. Each core wallet is made for that specific coin. You may try contacting cryptopia to see if anything can be done. If you bought 30,000 RED thats like $5400 USD. Not good to lose that.