Promoting Reddcoin in the physical world.

Well I think this is a vital aspect that not enough crypto’s tackle. People are scared of these digital currencies because they do not know much about them, there is not enough instances in the real world. Away from our digital and cellular devices , that we stumble upon crypto-currencies. Rarely anyways, I have seen one coffee shop called Krust that accepts Bitcoin for a coffee and donuts in Dublin city , Ireland. I thought it was an awesome idea, a “bitcoin accepted here” sticker outside the cafe too. I was intrigued and asked the staff, how many people have paid with cryptos. I was told 2 people in two years, not alot.
But that’s where Reddcoin differs, it’s the tipping crypto currency. Where majority of the time, we won’t being using it to buy things but to reward others in the form of a tip. I think its possible, that more businesses will incorporate Reddcoin for tips or maybe possibly small payments (coffee). Along with the swift transaction times it’s easy and fun to do so, more satisfying than throwing the penny in the jar.
But before this can even happen, Reddcoin needs to make a mark in the physical world along with the release of the mobile wallet. But nonetheless here is some ideas myself and other users have come up with:

  • A sticker of QR code’s overlayed with the logo. Spread them in every city, across the globe with our diverse user base. Colourful logo will attract people’s attention, because to be quite honest when have you ever seen a cool QR code? I have made a sample one.
  • Graffti stencil of the Reddcoin logo, was thinking about this one for awhile. Would need multiple colours but would look awesome on a grey urban brick wall.
  • Reddcoin accepted here stickers.
  • Reddcoin socks courtesy of bmp02050 .
  • Reddcoin product’s incorporating the unreal geometric designs without giving away the logo fully aka laptop skin , phone cover.
  • Reddcoin paper notes, in the form of a voucher to claim RDD from. A Idea of BitBender’s, has some designs already made.

Have you guys got any ideas to connect the crypto world with the real world?!
Please do share!

Heyo! Nice to get a mention, Gozzy!

These are some samples of the designs I worked up. Obviously, not quite finished. I am eager to see what people think though!

alt text
alt text


BitBender That looks neat. Does the user get 500 RDD after downloading?

BitBender This looks tight brother!!

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Sick!!! :wink:

BitBender add your tip address so I can thow some Redd your way.

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BitBender Awesome

BitBender dddthemachine I second that add that address man ill send a few stakes your way.

Good idea for promotion . If there is Reddcoin purchase through FIAT usd,euro.etc directly, Reddcoin wil easily reach public

Nice Idea

Asia mostly India and china are not well aware of reddcoin. Hope we need to plan and work hard to make reddcoin more publicity in these regions. mostly China and India with that huge number population , if we involved them in tipping , Reddcoin will have bright future@ even brighter than bitcoin and ethereum . so please target south East Asia # China and India .I’m from India and i want to make people more aware of Reddcoin
tip me if you like my idea

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reddfan1207 #reddasia

I always thought a nice way to promote a crypto in the physical world would be to load Reddcoin on a bunch of paper wallets and then use them as prizes in the hobby of Geocaching. The strategy: Have Reddcoin Geocaching Day where we all vow to print at least five pre-loaded paper wallets (with a professional-looking note about the paper wallet inserted into a ziplock baggie) and then insert them in geocaches with high quantities of favorite points.

Of course a few weeks before the big day, reach out to, geocaching youtubers (like The Geocaching Vlogger) and others promoting the big giveaway.

I think the crossover appeal would be significant. There are a ton of geocachers who are huge into cryptography but yet remain ignorant or skeptical about altcoins and/or cryptocurrency. Such a day could open a door for many.

Just sayin’.

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We need to collect money to advertise on social media; where rdd will be used.

Can someone block this guy please ^

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