Raspberry pi (2) image

Is anyone interested in a precooked Raspberry Pi2 image with a reddcoin wallet ? I’ve been thinking about setting one up. The downside is that I already compiled a wallet, but syncing takes forever, even with the bootstrap.dat. But anyway, if there are enough people that are interested I can invest some of my time in creating a reddcoin raspbian image :slight_smile:

Hey Lowww, that is a good idea.
I have been thinking on this as a medium term activity.
The mix of low power/ energy efficient devices as a wallet is an ideal solution.

I have been looking at some of the other BTC projects for inspiration

Didi Maybe we should continue here. I’m flashing raspbian to a sd card now. Found some in my car :slight_smile: going to first copy my compiled wallet, just to check if that one works. If so, I will copy the blockchain folders. The raspbian image itself should work on all PI models, so if the wallet works everything should work :). I’ll post updates when I have them.

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Lowww Thanks man, i’m currently doing OS X so the help is certainly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Didi ok, the wallet I compiled on my pi2 is not starting at the pi b+. I think that it is not a good idea to compile the wallet on the PI b+ because it’s just too slow. Maybe we should stick to the faster models instead?

Lowww As much as i hate to admit it, the B+ should be considered obsolete by now so… i’ll still try to run v2.0 at some point though. If it works, fantastic. Plus the Pi 2 should have no problems with it. Otherwise… time for a Pi 3 or something like that. :confused:

Gnasher, do you think that we should “drop support” on B+ and older models? To be fair, it can barely handle v1.4.1, even wityhout GUI… memory is maxed out almost all the time, and so is the CPU if you’re staking a relatively big stash of coins.

Didi we dont have any official support statement currently for Raspberry Pi versions.
I do know our load is somewhat heavier than a typical cryptocoin as we also index the blockchain for faster lookups (for staking)
Since youre already in the mode of testing different OS configs, perhaps Lowww can come on board for validating various Pis configs (not sure what models you have available).

this could then form the basis of an official statement

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