Raspbery Pi Reddcoin Core exception

Hi guys,

I tried installing reddcoin core on my pi. After 2 days I received an exception:
connect: Connection timed out

EXCEPTION: St9bad_alloc
reddcoin in ProcessMessages()

reddcoin-qt: main.cpp:1931: bool ConnectBlock(CBlock&, CValidationState&, CBlockIndex*, CCoinsViewCache&, bool): Assertion `hashPrevBlock == view.GetBestBlock()’ failed.

Anyone knows how to fix this issue?

dein curious, are you running this on the SD card?

dein I suggest you monitor the memory utilisation through top or your tool of choice. I don’t have my Pi with me right now, but I expect that Pi targetted Linux distros have no page file support, which means that an attempt to allocate memory when no more is available will result in the type of exception you are seeing. From my experience of running reddcoind on Linux it typically uses just over 1Gbyte of memory. How much do you have on your Pi ? The Pi 2 and 3 each have 1Gbyte and I’m not aware of any Pi model that manages any more. So it seems likely that you will have to do some serious trimming by removing any unnecessary OS services, restricting the number of connections supported by your reddcoin installation, certainly not allowing unlimited inbound connections, all of which cause memory requirements to increase.

dein Also consider running command line only with no desktop window manager enabled, and therefore run reddcoind rather than reddcoin-qt, the latter being more of a memory hog.