RDD Coin price at 31.12.2018 - what do you think ?

Hey all investers,
What do you think which price Reddcoin have at end of the year 2018 ?

I think 0,25 US$ are possible.
So the price for RDD is cheap in the moment, but will it be cheaper ?
Will the price fall down in the next weeks or will it be rise up ?

I don’t do predictions. But I think it all depends on what collaborations the devs can start up. If they can get Reddcoin as payment/tipping option on for example Patreon, it can be more than 0.25 $. If the Steam petition works out, it can certainly be more than that, but I think Crycash has a better chance to be integrated into Steam… Gaming shouldn’t be our main focus anyway. We should focus on platforms like Patreon, Youtube (there, you can also reach gamers to tip their favourite gamer, so…), Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc.

And I was kind of lucky. I was able to exchange 100 Ripple to 11 k Reddcoin when it was 0,008 €, so you can’t really predict if it will fall or rise. The days after I bought my RDD, the price was rising, but now it’s falling again.

Thanks for your opinion. There is a chance, so don`t get panic when it fall. I hope end of 2018.

Did you have crycash?
I Ordered and I have Plink (Beta), and it is possbile to connect with steam.
Also it sould be possible to connect with warface, but in may case always “auth failed”.
They have to work on it (or I make something wrong)

I’m hoping for at least .10 cents but hopeful for .25 as well.

I don’t have crycash, even though I want to buy them later on. The only crypto’s I currently have, are the ones I mentioned before.