RDD is doing well


Hi guys, Im new here to this platform, but Im doing RDD since the time I could still buy 4 mil RDD for 50 euros.

I am not an active community member, but I stake on a weekly basis for years. And I would like to say something positive.

RDD has been steadily developping and increasing in basic value terms. The once 50 euros reached a peak of 90.000 euros, which was kinda nuts during the 2017 bullrun. I didnt cash of course. Now its a about 3/4k euros steadily, and some wanna call RDD dead? Its never been dead and never will be. Its a matter of faith in a global tipping system, and I believed in that from the start.

People that came in later may think they lost money. But maybe, you bought at the wrong time. The coin is not about making money for free. Its about being able to send RDD for free to reward others that did something nice for free. If you are only in it for the money, stay. But if you are only in it for the ideology, also stay, and stake :wink:

I believe in RDD! Happy staking!

:wink: Greetings from the Netherlands


I agree with you :wink: I also believe in RDD!