RDD - Reddcoin December 7th Dev Team Official Update - Redd-ID Milestone on Production Reddcoin Blockchain and More!


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MILESTONE - ReddCoin - Redd-ID Testing progress and update

The ReddCoin team is pleased to announce that our internal technical development continues as planned, with a number of new features being prepared for public view. Chief among these, Redd-ID and name-based social tipping.

Now, reward worthwhile content and earn for your own creations!

Send tips and payments to names, not obscure crypto alphanumeric strings.

Seamlessly withdraw and spend, or atomic swap to other currencies.

Redd-ID development is proceeding with a number of new technical milestones. Within the Redd-ID subsystems, the “.tester” namespace has been registered on the blockchain, and our Lead Dev’s ID “gnasher” has been successfully registered for a cost of 1024RDD.

A variable costing level has been designed for name registration, and will be documented elsewhere shortly.
Also due to Gnasher’s tireless work, Reddcoin has also been switched to an electrum-based wallet instead of rlying on now somewhat out-dated “generated” addresses", allowing for further wallet management features, mobile staking and more further down the line.
An up-to-date and re-imagined White Paper and Roadmap are also being worked on and should be made available shortly.

Details of the operations on the blockchain and and OP_RETURN incorporation are linked below. The team has been working to not only integrate safely and securely the new core functionality, but also ensure that the new ID capabilities work as seamlessly as possible.
As example, modification of our reddsight-api to allow for higher and fee-based transactions.

We look forward to the community’s engagement in using and testing once beta versions are ready for release.

Nov 29, 2017 22:23:52 - 2000953 Preorder http://live.reddcoin.com/tx/E71623aa058f1e2f78e8e1d6a7692621a7e882131d0c570bd9ca6c56f48ccb77 25000 Re6ZRErvUW7AvYsQyVwSgHaBoafs6v1VrC

Nov 29, 2017 23:39:31 - 2001058 Reveal http://live.reddcoin.com/tx/c310a76b1306cd8c5a55a596d4f116dd444700b92b45132babf1d37ebe47cf3c 5980 RfmC2s2zUwkWT6cZNQiKQ6VN5xYVS3jE3V

Dec 4, 2017 23:01:29 - 2008151 Ready http://live.reddcoin.com/tx/7e392964f127213c28e7f0b9dced19bd6f9f4ac28dc6bbe826bb1a17239215bc 5980 Rc3JEaEztTNp4FeVQr2cs7d9ekAe8dyYtn

Some technical next steps will include further work related to electrum to be able to sign and broadcast raw transactions natively, as well as more somewhat confidential plans to bring some unique capabilities to our beloved Reddcoin.

Potential partnerships with a number of other cryptocurrency-related entities are being discussed, and we look forward to sharing details on some of that shortly.

Stay tuned to further official Reddcoin Core Team announcements on Twitter, Reddit, Reddcointalk and feel free to join the Slack and get involved! And keep those wallets open and staking.

Earn nearly 5% annually in Proof-Of-Stake mining, secure the network, and bonuses for specific blocks and activities to come!! Whomever the lucky Reddhead was who staked that block earned 25,000 RDD just for being part of the active network!

In the meantime, Reddheads, watch this space and STAKE ON!!


love reddcoin i hope next year 2 euro im from holland


Thanks for the updates, everybody is eager to read how things are developing. Keep it up!


Great update, nice to read how things are going. First redd-ID username registered? That is AWESOME!


Thank you for the news and keep in touch.


i love Reddcoin so much, happy to be a part of the Reddcoin, you even get dividend out of your coins how cool is that! love it! i see a big big potential in this coin in the near future! keep the good work! I want to donate some of my coins to the team… how can i do that?


I am new to Reddcoin and just started reading here. I think it is an awesome coin with lot of potential for the future. Thank you for your update. Look very much forward to the Redd-ID


vanminc : Welcome to the community!


Already imaging tipping on social medias using reddcoin.
Guys that some awesome idea! I can only applause the brilliant minds behind this.



Love the enthusiasm. Gonna be more active from now on.


New user. Looking forward to new development and discussions.



The Redd-ID is a great idea. You guys definitely gotta get this rolled out asap. Just beat everyone to market. I am a new follower and will be watching the Twitter, Reddit, Reddcointalk and maybe join the slack.

Thank you,


Hi guys, I just bought my reddcoin and plan to hold long-term. Also, I just joined here and found some interesting stuff specifically mining and staking reddcoin. Can anyone give info on how to mine or at least give some link for me to follow.



It is very simple. If you have your wallet downloaded and your RDD in the wallet you just go to settings, then unlock wallet. You then click the check box that says unlock for staking only, put in your pw and you are staking/minting. Side notes- your RDD must be mature to stake, the more mature, the more weight. But you have to have them in your wallet for at least 8 hours before you can stake. I also just bought reddcoin and got my 1st reward today. Stake on Reddcoin.


I am new to redcoin, but what I read so far it sounds rather disappointing, is there a actual development team or is it a one man show lead by gnasher, which has gone dark once, and maybe does it again?
Also it is very important to get updates frequently, and not every 3 - 6 months.


Hello Reddheads and welcome to our ever growing family! We can all play our part in ensuring Reddcoins rise and success! Take any opportunity to back and promote Reddcoin, spread the word, help all fellow Reddheads… You to can be part of the greatly expanding chain reaction :slight_smile:

We have a large Reddhead community over at Reddit.
Also our community is multiplying rapidly throughout all social media platforms… Get the latest official tweets on Reddcoin SUPPORT A COMMUNITY THAT SUPPORTS YOU :slight_smile:

Ps. A HUGE MASSIVE THANK YOU TO OUR INSANELY TALENTED DEVELOPMENT TEAM… working hard behind the scenes, turning this amazing concept into reality… Thank you all :slight_smile:


When a roadmap will be released?


RDD up!!!


G’day techadept,

Great news! Thanks for your vision, drive and commitment.


Rapid development of RDD =)