Re-Opening Discussion of Reddcoin on

Hi Everyone,

I think it’s worth considering re-opening a discussion on Bitcointalk. The site receives a massive amount of traffic and could bring countless new investors/users to Reddcoin.

The topic was closed two years ago. Since then Reddcoin has become a trusted currency with stable development. With the newly released 2016-2017 roadmap, the time is now to get the word out about the future of Reddcoin. I think right now we’re shooting ourselves in the foot by limiting Reddcoin’s publicity.

Thanks nox for the comment. I was discussing this last night with Gnasher. A new Bitcointalk thread is going to open shortly, with OP based on the roadmap.

Why was the old thread closed ?

Old team wanted to encourage community to focus on this forum.

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reddibrek Well how about that. Great news!

reddibrek Gnasher DeadPool When should we expect the post on Bitcointalk?

it is in discussion.
We do want to do that, but the question is when.
From my point of view, we should be waiting as we need to be stronger in terms of community and economically (ie regarding trading values).
After a threshold would be met on both, we will be able to restart it, and gain/maintain sufficient traction there to continue growing the community around reddcoin.
If done too soon, it may just be a buzz for a while and then back to anonymity.

my 2cts.


DeadPool Gnasher reddibrek Respectfully I disagree, I think the time is now. The further we get away from the release of the 2016-2017 roadmap the less likely Reddcoin can capitalize on this asset. Reddcoin has active development with a promising future; the Bitcoin community needs to know this, and have a practical means of discussion.

By not facilitating discussion on Bitcoin’s largest messageboard, and isolating potential investors, Reddcoin has became an outlier. And not in a good way. So, this is a major problem with an easy solution. You question whether it’s the “right time”, how could it not be? Facilitating discussion and delivering news to potential investors/adopters is only beneficial. Reddcoin has nothing to hide.

Make that thread guys!!

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We will get a new Bitcointalk thread up - no worries. The OP content has to be defined and clarified between the team. It is just not the priority editorial task (we are currently responding to a third-party interview request and there are other tasks on the go). It is also not really a major problem.

I wonder if anyone here can remember how the Reddcoin devs were praised at the outset for under-promising and over-delivering? While that ethos sadly was not adhered to towards the end of the era of the first team, I can say the project is back on track and frankly, I much prefer where we are now.

The Roadmap lays out the work for the next year / 18 months. The key is to get the groundwork complete so that the social currency platform is seamless with Redd-ID. Communication, marketing (diverse strategies) and that side of things will grow in parallel… but in measure without ever overtaking the real substance.

So please be patient. These things will take time, but all good things take time.

In my view, the most important thing to happen now in terms of growing the community is for members with skills to step up and start getting actively involved. We are all volunteers after all!

To get back to the point… the Bitcointalk thread will happen. Please be patient. Thanks!


If the team believes that other priorities must be handled first, then so be it. Perhaps we don’t see it the same way. But until you make the changes, the #4 result in Google for “Reddcoin” will continue to link to outdated software with security vulnerabilities.


nox you are right, from a search point of view, it doesn’t look good.
And it has been there for a long time already.
Reflectively it would be good if it was not there at all.

We are looking at all our options as to the best way to proceed and to launch back onto bitcointalk platform.
What we would like is to achieve this with the best result

Some things to consider for example,

  • do we just update and start the old thread, even though it has been closed for nearly 2 years
  • do we start a new thread and transfer the relevant information (start fresh)
  • the google results will list the old thread for a while, so should we update the original thread OP and redirect users to the new thread
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+1 vote to return to bitcointalk. I love bitcointalk and it is basically where I find out about new crypto tech. I don’t buy anything unless I can review a discussion on bitcointalk.

I don’t think having a presence on bitcointalk will reduce community involvement on Reddit or

bitcointalk - medium reaching investor/altcoin community engagement.
reddcointalk - small reaching reddcoin community news/discussion
reddit - wide reaching social community engagement
twitter - news/announcement

Each social community has its own benefits.

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Just to remind everyone… we all vote to get a Bitcointalk thread back up ! :slight_smile:

Given that the team is working on multiple tasks perhaps one of the community members would like to propose the OP ?

It can be based on the existing OP with the key points from the roadmap / recent news integrated.

We will happily read over / edit where necessary.

Please email it to or start a joint Google doc or something.

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My understanding was that the reason the Reddit forum was previously closed was to consolidate communication to a single more robust platform - this one.

I understand the desire to reach a wider audience on other platforms, but you don’t want to straddle that too much to where there is no “central hub” which, should fall under Reddcoin’s control.

marvelousform it is a balancing act.
Having multiple communication points means that time needs to be spend in monitoring those locations also.
Having a central location makes it easy to put the information out, and then you hope that it flows from there.

The experience over the last 2 years, since pulling back to using reddit and reddcointalk as the primary communication path is that the information flow got sucked into a vacuum. Our message was just not getting out.

Rest assured, we are trying to strike that balance

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I personally like this thread. I like the Reddcointalk site and how it is laid out. You have a place where people can find out about Reddcoin and it is it’s own unique site. Many topics that everyone can participate in and give their opinion on as well. As Reddcoin meets their platform goals I beoieve that this talk/reserach thread will continue to be an invaluable resource for everyone.

As you can see, we are not debating if we will (re-)open bitcointalk thread. We want to be there.
We have to choose the right time to do it and to do it right.
We already use our communications set-up to let the crypto community we are here and alive. Reaching bitcoin community is another feat.

I do like this debate ! It allows to think better on the strategy to use.
So folks, continue to give your opinion as we built on that when debating within the team, it is appreciated.

If I can jump again on the subject, here is my point of view :
I understand the will to hype everybody as soon as possible on bitcointalk and gather a lot of volunteers.
However it feels like when a company wants to go overseas. Even in a international market, it needs to be firm on its grounds before willing to go abroad. Same here.

Reddcointalk is our HQ, but before spreading, we need to reinforce the team, the message and the community so we will appear organized and professional to any future investors and/or to the wider community staying there.

It is a strategic move not be taken lightly. To make another analogy, we can not be a kickstarter project saying to the world we will give you that much, if we are not backed enough to do it. If we give too high expectations to that community, if there is a fall, it will be harder than the one Reddcoin just came back from. We want to avoid this fall altogether, but we will be on bitcointalk, and maybe sooner than you are expecting.

And here we are 3 months later.