Redcoin Wallet Backup is gone

Hey -

I had a redcoin wallet with many coins - I was already stalking with this wallet…I backuped the wallet as a .DAT document…I had to switch the redcoin client to another hard drive (from C: to D:) and now I cant open my old wallet on the D: harddrive, It always gives me a new wallet and all my 200k Redcoins are gone. The .DAT backup file isnt working, how can I get my old balance back?

Please help

Have you tried to run reddcoin daemon with
reddcoind --salvagewallet oldwallet.dat ?

make sure you are pointing to wherever you old wallet is. Let me know if that helps.

Hey mate, I tried the command in the console you send me but I get error message, as well I tried to run the app/data/roaming/wallet.dat file to open with reddcoin64.core exe but it dosnt accept it.

I got a backup with the name Reddcoinwallet.2.dat, that was the backup to my wallet…how should I open it, with reddcoin64.exe as admin?

I only switched the harddisk from C: to D: cause my C: was full - and now all is gone :(((

Any idea - at developer Team ? Is this a bug?

you have to run --salvagewallet when reddcoind starts.

i.e: C:\Program Files\reddcoin\reddcoind --salvagewallet

Also, you can launch reddcoin-qt with arguments like

c:\program files\reddcoin\reddcoin-qt.exe --datadir=D:\Location\To\wallet.dat

you may also try a combination of both:
--salvagewallet --datadir=D:\location\to\wallet.dat

I would try just --datadir=wallet location first, obviously.

NOT reddcoin-qt

just make sure your backed up wallet file is in the original APPDATA/Reddcoin as wallet.dat
(or wherever it is in windows)

Ok mate, I try it and update here

the console in Reddcoin dont accept the commands, it says error 32601 - I tried to copy the “redcoinwalletbackup.dat” inside the Reddcoin folder and replaced the “wallet.dat” that was inside…

Your wallet may be locked. Did you have a passphrase to unlock your wallet?

yes I used to lock it with a password

the one that can help me with this problem gets rewarded by 5% of my total Reddcoins in that wallet

Your backed up wallet has no password, right?

Copy your newer wallet.dat (not the backup) somewhere else and put a copy (yes a copy) of your original wallet.dat back in your %APPDATA% reddcoin folder.

We don’t need anything fancy here, just as I posted before, in most cases -salvagewallet works a treat.

Putting your original wallet into the D:\wherever\wallet.dat is sufficient.

Try running Reddcoin-qt.exe -choosedatadir=1 and that should prompt (after a few seconds on startup) you to choose where your data is stored. Copy your entire %APPDATA% directory to a new location and drop your backed up wallet.dat in there over the new one that Reddcoind keeps creating.

After you choose where you put everything, it should load. Let me know.

My backup wallet has a password -

You can restore an unencrypted version of the wallet if you use Windows 7 Pro or above.

Where your wallet.dat is, right-click it, and choose Properties.

then select the Previous Versions tab. Let me know if anything comes up there.

HI Ivtion can u check help me my error ?
i can’t open my old backup wallet file ,when i update wallet to 3.0.1 ver

Please send an email to

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My new eror , any body can help me ?

That’s a new error for me…

But as I said earlier, please send an email to
I will help you via the Reddcoin Helpdesk.

In your case, this is what I would do:

  • Make a backup of the wallet.
  • Delete existing blockchain data/files.
  • Backup the private keys for all addresses (using dumpprivkey).
  • Start with a fresh wallet, import the addresses one by one (using importprivkey).
    • Importing will be quicker, because there is barely blockchain data.
  • Speed up the syncing of the blockchain data by using the bootstrap file/method.
  • Check if the wallet works or if you still get an error.
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HI Yavuz
How i can delete the old blockchain data/files. And how i can Install news blockchain data/files? Can you tut me some one else ?

You can see the steps here: Sent RDD to new wallet and havent recieved them.

If you need more help, send an email to