Redd-ID official countdown, RELEASE TONIGHT!

9pm PST it seems


Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Have a small issue if I create a ReddID name. And click on the button [Order] I will get the message:
“Indexing. Please wait”

I have a balance on the funding address (Registation and tipping)

Below I will get
Order Progress
Register Progress

Network Status
Average ping/pong latency: undefinedms
Reddcoin Block Height: 0
Server Block Height: 0
Indexing: true
Version: 0.99

Is it turned off?


It is working now, Maybe I have to keep my computer longer online to make the connection. So happy with my Redd-ID :slight_smile: Thanks guys


hello I have other doubt
I want to get my redd id but I cannot
message redd id indexing.Blockchain= a number
why? how many time must I wait?
reddcoins to pay redd id debited

Redd id ready and I cannot to use ´cause my conection is slow?
what must I to do?
reddcoins to pay redd id debited

alt text


What i did was leaving my computer online over the night. And in the morning I tried it. Without any problems.

Make sure you have enough RDD in your wallet (funding address started with RigM1…)
I paid around 2250 RDD for my Redd-ID

Reddid indexing will take a while so be patient.

good luck


There is another discussion on Reddit.

Maybe some usefull information on it.
If it isn’t allowed to make some “advertisement” for reddit just tell me :slight_smile: will remove it